Свежая информация об обстановке в Токио от одного из наших партнеров. 13.04.2011

Dear Partner Agencies:
As many of you have been asking to be kept updated from our end on the situation in Tokyo, here are some bits of information many of you might find useful ( and thank you to all of the agencies supporting us, and providing us with information from your side and from your governments websites).
Firstly, the UK Foreign Office a few days ago updated their recommendations concerning travel to Tokyo; they have stated that it is now safe for UK nationals to travel to Tokyo.  The only recommendation/ restriction they have kept in place is to northern Japan; specifically with regard to the area around Fukushima, where they are continuing to recommend only travel that is essential.
Secondly, as reported by CNN and the link below, radiation levels in Tokyo today are now lower than levels in other major cities such as Hong Kong, NYC and LA.  Here is the link:


 At Bravo, we realize that every model, parent and Mother Agent will come to their own comfort level with this situation, but we will aim to keep you informed with the information we are getting from our end.

To the many of you who have confirmed models with us for May and onwards, we are grateful of your support and it will be a great season!   The models who have already arrived are working tremendously well...some even working several jobs per day :)

Have a great week and we look forward, as always, to your suggestion of models for Japan!!

With gratitude-

David and the Team at Bravo, Tokyo